Private Medical Insurance 

Private Medical Insurance 

Private Medical Insurance meets the cost of medical treatment for acute conditions at the hospital of your choice, when it is suitable for you, without having to wait in a long queue.

It also allows you to buy additional comforts and facilities that simply can’t be provided by the NHS. (It’s widely thought that this can significantly speed recovery.

It can even make it possible for you to manage your business from your hospital bed!

There are many private medical insurance schemes available, some of which would meet your needs better than others. Equally, there are ‘budget’ options that may make PMI affordable or may exclude the very benefit you most need.

We can advise on your appropriate level of cover, periodically review your policy, and ensure you benefit from a competitive premium. We can also advise on no claims discounts, which may reduce your payments with no loss of benefits.

If you already have PMI, we can evaluate existing plan and may be able to recommend a more suitable policy at your nest annual renewal.

Some providers of Group Risk plans for employers and their staff. We have the capacity to advise both on personal and corporate PMI.

Important – ‘Acute’ means ‘likely to respond quickly to treatment’. Otherwise, the condition is ‘chronic’. PMI policies do not cover chronic conditions, but usually do cover an ‘acute episode’ of a chronic condition.