Funeral Plans 

A prepaid funeral plan secures your funeral at a fixed cost and to an agreed standard. So far, we’ve only stated the obvious: more importantly, funeral costs are rising faster than inflation, average income, and typical investment returns. They’re expected to continue in this vein. In effect, relying funeral costs being paid from your estate costs your dependants more (in real terms) than dealing with it now. For inheritance tax payers, a pre-paid funeral plan is even more attractive because it isn’t an estate asset.

Apart from purely financial considerations, you would spare your bereaved family another worry at an already distressing time. (You can even choose music and readings for the service, so your family don’t have to think about what you might have wanted.

We are agents for Golden Charter – a major provider of pre-paid funeral plans. Funerals are arranged through a network of selected independent funeral directors throughout the UK.

Golden Charter offers a range of plans and payment methods and guarantees acceptance for all applicants aged over fifty. Joint applicants are usually accepted if one is aged over fifty and the other is ‘rising fifty’.

You can even arrange a Golden Charter plan for relatives – an ageing parent for example.

Many plans are sold directly by funeral directors, often to customers who recently used their services for a relative. However, we find many people feel uneasy about approaching a funeral director before it becomes inevitable. They much prefer to discuss their funeral planning with their familiar and trusted financial adviser.

Our funeral plan advisers are ready and able to discuss your needs and preferences constructively, but always with tact and sensitivity.