Accident/Sickness & Unemployment Cover

When life is going well and enough money is coming in, we can live the lifestyle that we choose. But how would you manage if you couldn’t earn because of an accident, sickness or redundancy?

An Accident, Sickness and Unemployment policy won’t replace your earnings in the long term, but it can be an immediate ‘cushion’ for one or two years. And it covers redundancy.

We offer objective advice on the different types and levels of cover available, protecting you if you are unable to work due to accident, sickness or unemployment, and might find it hard to meet your regular commitments, such as mortgage payments.

We can advise on individual and company schemes, both usually based on a percentage of salary, with benefits paid after a deferred period of between 13 – 26 weeks. Regular income is paid while you are medically unfit for work, but only for a limited period (12-24 months). ASU is a short-term general insurance, and should never be confused with long-term income protection.

Plans can also be arranged to cover particular liabilities over specific timescales, or provide changing cover on a whole of life basis. We can also arrange Group policies, which, in addition to replacement income, provide a range of group employee benefits, such as medical helplines, counseling and an absence management programme. This may be an effective alternative to a sick pay scheme, which can prove to be a drain on the business in the case of long term sickness.