Workplace Pension

We advise on workplace pensions for a number of well-known local and regional companies.

Relying on our experience, both large and smaller employers can set up a new scheme with minimum administration and maximum benefit to the workforce. We can even advise on pensions especially suitable for directors and key staff members.

Auto Enrolment 

With very few exceptions, employers must now provide a workplace pension for all employees and must contribute to it.

Enrolment into this new type of workplace pension is automatic unless the employee chooses to opt out. The employer must not encourage opt - outs which, in any case, only last for three years; at the end of each three year term, anyone who has opted out will be re-enrolled unless they exercise a new option. 

Auto Enrolment encourages everyone to commit to a minimum level of pension saving. But an Auto Enrolment scheme is unlikely to meet the average persons retirement needs, so we can advise on suitable ways of making further provision for the longest holiday of your lifetime!

Auto Enrolment is probably the single greatest transformation of workplace pensions. It’s compulsory, but it needn’t disrupt your business. It’s complex but, with the right advice, you could actually turn it to your advantage. Employers know the cost and time involved when replacing staff who’ve left the firm. We can suggest ways to reward and retain your staff by using Salary & Bonus Sacrifice schemes and other cost-effective employee benefits.

Very few small and medium enterprises can deal with their Auto Enrolment unaided – some have already let their staging date slip by unnoticed! Don’t Delay, Act now and avoid expensive pitfalls – and potentially crippling daily fines.

Don’t neglect existing pension schemes! In the current financial climate, with rapid change in pension provision, regular reviews are critical. We support pension members with periodic assessments of performance and potential future provision, to optimise their prospects for a comfortable retirement.