We have the expertise to guide you through the pension maze and advise on the many changes currently taking place that may affect your pension, helping you to plan for your retirement. 

Pensions are in the news – and it’s not all good news. Increased state pension age! Flat rate state pension! Under-performance! Flexible access! Longer working lives!

We can guide you through the tangle of information – and steer you away from the hidden pitfalls. We’re independent financial advisers. But we’re not impartial: we’re on your side! So you can feel secure in the knowledge that our advice is focused on your best interests. 

If you already have a pension, our retirement planning advisers will assess how it fits your current financial position and help you change funds – but only if it’s necessary.

We’ll also look at old employers’ pension schemes and assess what they might yield in the future (but we don’t transfer final salary or career average occupational pensions to other schemes). If we feel this is deemed necessary, we will refer you to a suitably qualified ‘Pension Transfer Specialist’.

We can clarify the various options for starting a pension, including auto enrolment, stakeholder, personal and self-invested pensions – pointing out the drawbacks as well as the benefits. In short, we’ll help you choose the right product for your situation.

When you retire or take your pension benefits, you can rely on us to advise on options such as income drawdown, state entitlements, annuity purchase and personal and age allowances.

Any jargon you don’t understand? We’ll be happy to explain it!